Personalised Whipped Body Butter Infused With Aloe 8 OZ

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Choose from moisturizing oils, fruit extracts and essential oils to completely customize your body butter your way! Excellent body butter for both men and women. Made fresh when you order!


Oils: Hydrates dry skin





Extracts: Vitamins to nourish skin

Apple peel

Orange peel

Pure Glycerin

Essential Oils:  For fragrance and aromatherapy healing benefits

Lavender: Calms redness and inflammation

Sweet Orange: Anti Inflammation

Lemon: Brighten skin

Peppermint: Cooling sensation

Rosemary: Antiseptic and disinfectant

Sandalwood: Heals skin problems

Rose: For redness reduction

Combinations: Skin health

Lavender Rose: Reduce redness, calms

Vanilla Mint: Cooling and intoxicating 

Vanilla Rose: Reduce redness, sweet calming scent

Orange Mint: Anti-inflammation and cooling sensation

Citrus Breeze: Heal many problematic skin issues

Rosemary Mint Sandalwood: Heal, Brighten and Cooling sensation