Detox Healing Skincare Bath And Honey Gift Set

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Want to show that special person in your life just how much you truly care for them? Express your love and appreciation with our one of a kind gift sets. Made by hand using the finest quality ingredients. This gift sets comes gift wrapped in a beautiful box. 


Himalayan Detox Bath Salt Soak 6oz

Dive deep into a luxurious bath experience like never before with Salisha's orange mint luxurious bathing salt soak. Featuring the finest French clay and magnesium rich mineral salts to leave you relaxed and completely stress free with every bath. 


African Black Soap Bar 2.5oz

African Black Soap made from coconut oil, shea butter and plantain peel. Feel the difference real soap makes on your face. Helps to calm and clear blemishes and troubled skin. Our Handmade Organic African Black Soap will leave skin soft and refreshed and is perfect for helping relieve symptoms of eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Healing Honey Honey Cream 2oz

Simply Pure By Salisha's Eczema Healing Honey is special. We know the struggle is real, that’s why every ingredient is intentional and every jar is genuine. Our Honey Shea Eczema Honey is completely natural and organic. Everything in our healing cream came from the planet we live on. No labs, no steroids, no harm. Made with organic raw honey and our potent yet gentle combination of lavender essential oil, peppermint and rose essential oils help heal the red, dry skin associated with eczema. Full of all natural vitamin A, works as an anti-inflammatory and aids in numerous skin conditions.