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Here are my top three solutions for eczema in children and adults.  1. Remove Trigger Foods. Because the immune system plays such a pivotal role in skin health, you can support your immune system by removing any “triggers” that excite an immune response. Trigger foods include wheat, dairy, sugars, yeast, shell fish, food dyes and colors, food flavorings (artificial flavor), non organic food, soy, corn, some nuts, sulphites, eggs,  etc. 2. Use Natural Skin Products. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the good bacteria on the skin and cause allergic reactions. It can cause unnatural skin cell formation and can...

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Turmeric is a yellow spice that’s often used to flavor Indian cuisine, but it benefits way more than just your taste buds! The powerful spice has been used for its medicinal purposes for centuries. 

Today, researchers call turmeric a super spice since it has been shown to treat liver disease, respiratory problems, joint pain, cancer, and gastrointestinal ailments.

Turmeric’s therapeutic benefits are believed to be a result of its bioactive ingredient curcumin.

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This article will cover the basics regarding genetically modified foods, the best ways to avoid them, and how to find and shop for the most nutritious, anti-cancer foods.

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