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Here’s How Coffee Beans Benefits Your Health The beneficial compound that’s commonly associated with coffee beans is caffeine, which is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. However, coffee beans also contain other beneficial compounds, such as chlorogenic acid, diterpenes and melanoidins, to name a few. The amount of beneficial compounds in a cup of coffee may vary according to the coffee bean variety, roasting degree and brewing method. Together, they contribute to the following health benefits: Helps protect against Type 2 diabetes Consuming black, unsweetened coffee at least three times a day may help inhibit the onset of Type 2 diabetes, according to...

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I don’t wear sunscreen I’ve actually never needed to wear sunscreen since I was blessed with skin that doesn’t burn as bad as some, however some of us and our babies need some protection for our skin, occasionally. This is where my go too homemade non toxic sun screen comes in! Why Go Chemical Free? Let us break it down for you: Chemical sunscreen ingredients, often with names ending in -salate or -benzone can give a better look and feel to skin care products than physical sunscreens since they tend to sink into skin readily and dry clear. But there's some evidence that they...

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I read an article over a year ago featuring ways to use up all those 'almost empty' essential oil bottles we all have laying around. I thought now would be a wonderful time to refresh that list by writing about the ones that we actually still use!  Here are our favorite ways to use up the last few drops of oil in your essential oil bottles. 1. Mattress Refresher Using this refresher and vacuuming help to reduce dust mites, dead skin cells, and germs.  Plus it is a great deodorizer! fill empty (or almost empty) essential oil bottle about 3/4s full with...

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If you are like me and many others who live in an extremely cold area, like Canada, you know how bad winter itch can be! Especially the stubborn, burning itch from athletes foot or just dry winter itching. It can sting and burn if not treated promptly. The same can be said for our humid summers! This recipe is a must for itchy feet and legs. It's super simple to make and works like a charm to relieve the itch. Kids get dry itchy skin too, so be sure to use this on your little ones as well. This spray...

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Here is a super simple clay mask, must have recipe. Its so pure and natural you can use it for both wonderfully clean and refreshed skin and hair! Easy enough to whip up in just a few minutes and it provides wonderful results for both hair and skin. Let your face , and hair soak in the benefits of bentonite clay, coconut oil and essential oils. It clarifies, moisturizes and completely removes buildup of products and excess oils. Plus it helps control dandruff and helps scalp problems. Find out more about bentonite clay here. Clarifying  Hair Mask Recipe Ingredients 1 Cup...

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